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Demonstration rides at 5-WAYS Motorcycle Centre:

We appreciate that choosing the right bike can sometimes be a tricky decision. Do you follow your heart or your head? We hope that by making a comprehensive range of demo bikes available to you, we make the process, not only easier but more enjoyable too.

If you'd like to arrange a demo ride, you'll need to make an appointment with one of our Sales team and meet our insurer's criteria (see below for T&C's)

All you need to bring with you is your riding kit, your valid driving licence, a 2nd form of ID and your National insurance number. You also need to leave the keys for the vehicle you travelled to us in/on. Pillions are welcome, but we would encourage a short ride out first to get familiar with the bike. Please note due to Hygiene & Safety issues we do not provide loan helmets or protective clothing. If you are a new rider helmets can be purchased for as little as £49.99 and gloves are available from £24.99.

So what are you waiting for? Call 01482 35 55 35 now or drop us an email by clicking the 'Contact' link at the top right hand of this page.

The Route and the time:

We don't insist on the route, but we created it to help you experience the bike in all types of road types and it covers some great local biking roads. It takes approx 35-45 minutes and gives you a taste of the inner city, faster dual carriageway and some nice twisties. It also ensures we can find you quickly should any problems occur. Our maximum demonstration ride time is 1 hour.

Exit 5-Ways and travel over the Anlaby road flyover in the direction of the Smith and Nephew buildings and join the A63 heading away from Hull. Follow the A63 before taking the turn off for North Ferriby. Amble through the winding A Roads through Feriby and over to Melton bottoms and then head off in the direction of Willerby. Once you've reached the shopping park at Willerby and turned off to enter the village itself, you can head back into Hull using the Kingston Road, Willerby road & Springbank route which will eventually bring you back to Walton Street. Turn right just before the railway crossing and follow Walton Street right back to the front of the store.

Click here to see the test ride route map on Google

Click here to see the Niken test ride route on Google

The Terms & Conditions of Demonstration or a Service loan bike:

You understand that the motorcycle is loaned to you by 5-WAYS Motorcycle Centre Ltd on the agreement that any damage or theft occurred during the loan will be your responsibility.

If damage or theft does occur, any costs to repair damage incurred will be charged to your debit/credit card (for damage repair costs totalling under £750)

If the cost to repair any damage exceeds £750 then an insurance excess of £750 will be payable.

You accept that your driving licence number and National Insurance number will be entered into website for license category clarification and endorsement checks.

You accept the motorcycle has been fuelled prior to use and agree to return the vehicle at a similar fuel level. If large discrepancies in the fuel level are found on return a fuel charge may be applied.

You understand that the motorcycle is not to be used for speed testing and that the normal road traffic laws apply at all times.

You confirm you have sufficient riding experience and ability to operate and control the size and style of motorcycle being loaned to you in a responsible and legal manner.

You understand that after the demo ride, you must complete a demo ride evaluation form which will be passed to the relevant manufacturer for assistance in future model development.

You are age 21 or over and have a full UK Motorcycle licence available for inspection prior to the loan. Checks are carried out for any power limits on all Category A license holders and any existing endorsements.

You have provided us 1 additional form of ID (UK passport or Debit/Credit Card) prior to loan/demo

You have no more than 6 endorsement points currently valid and agree to online checks

You have not been involved in more than 1 motoring accident or claim during the previous 3 years.

You will leave your own vehicle & the keys with us for the period of the loan.

You agree to pay any Traffic penalty or fines incurred during the loan period.

If you can't meet the above terms and conditions for any reason, then please give us a call and we can try and offer another solution.

Our Demonstration bikes

These are constantly changing throughout the season, but currently, the following bikes should be available.

Yamaha MT-09 tracer

Kawasaki Z650

Suzuki DL1050

Service loan Bikes:

Yamaha MT-07 tracer

Kawasaki Z650

*Please note loan vehicles are not available over night.

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National Drivers licence information check - this will be done with your permission when you loan a vehicle: