Motorcycle Gap Insurance

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The Financial Risk - Without GAP


  • Over 2 million new motorcycles, cars and vans are sold every year in the UK
  • Over 700,000 vehicles are subject to a total loss claim each year
  • Motor insurance companies do not pay the original invoice value of your vehicle in the event of such a claim, and usually well below its replacemnt value.


GAP insurance is designed to pay the difference between your motor insurance settlement and your outstanding finance balance* or your original price paid for the motorcycle* whichever is greater.

Calculate Your Risk

Cost of your new or used motorcycle today £10,000
Less estimated insurance write-off amount for your motorcycle in, e.g. 1, 2 or 3 years £6,000
= Your Uninsured Loss £4,000


*GAP insurance policies exclude certain products and service listed on the vehicle invoice. Full details in the policy summary. Your GAP policy refunds up tp £250 of your motorcycle insurance excess. 

The Solution Asset Secure Guaranteed Asset Protection GAP Plus...

Up to £25,000 Dual Protection Cover

In the event of write-off as a result of theft and/or accident, Asset Secure® GAP Plus will pay the difference between your motor insurance settlement and the original invoiced cost of your motorcycle or your outstanding finance*, whichever is the greater, e.g.

GAP Insurance Information
GAP Insurance Information


Vehicle written-off after 24 months
Vehicle Purchase Price: £10,000
Motor Insurance Price £6,000
Shortfall: £4,000
Asset Secure Guaranteed Asset Protection Pays: £4,000


GAP PLUS - Combined GAP Finance Shortfall & Return to Invoice

Pays the difference between your write-off insurance settlement and the bikes original invoiced cost – or outstanding finance, whichever is the greater.

Vehicle Price 3 Year GAP 4 Year GAP
Cover limit £5,000 Including IPT Including IPT
To £5,000 £199.00 £229.00

Cover limit £10,000 Including IPT Including IPT
£5,000 to £15,000 £279.00 £299.00

Cover limit £15,000 Including IPT Including IPT
£15,000 to £25,000 £349.00 £399.00


Terms and Conditions
The information contained in this brochure is a brief outline of this insurance. A copy of our KeyFacts policy summary is available from your dealership, or from AMS Insurance Services Limited at Heyford Park, Upper Heyford, Oxfordshire OX25 5HD. T: 01869 232 563. AMS Insurance Services Limited, United Kingdom (registered in England no. 3976974) is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, FCA Register No. 310422. AMS Asset Secure® GAP insurance products are underwritten specifically for AMS by Lloyd's of London and other major insurance companies, details of which are contained in our policy summary.