Yamaha New Models for 2022

POSTED: 24/11/2021

When Yamaha released the information about the newest version of the MT-10SP for 2022 with its massive list of upgrades, at the ECIMA they also announced some more information that you may have missed. 

The other announcements that were also made about the 2022 model line-up are as follows. 

To the Right - Tracer 7 GT - Pictured

The 2022 Tracer 7 GT features upgraded new front discs and a revised suspension setting, plus a new Icon Colour.

Below on the left is the newest Tenere 700 pictured in Icon Blue, the Tenere will also be available in a Midnight Black Version.

Pictured on the right is the 2022 Tenere 700 Rally Edition in the new Heritage White colourway

XSR 700 Heritage White - Pictured

The XSR700 has been an extremely popular motorcycle, perfectly mixing old styling and image with the new feel and riding advancements. 

In 2022 the XSR will have a model upgrade that includes a new headlight, front disc and a revision with suspension settings, plus two dynamic new colour options, the Heritage White and the Heritage Black models. 

MT-09 Cyan Storm - Pictured

The MT line-up is Yamaha's most popular range as they offer something for everyone, either in size or in machine capability the MT is a great all-rounder. 

With this, they have already announced the Cyan Storm for the MT-10 and now they have announced that the colourway shall be making its way to the MT-09, MT-07, MT-03 and the MT-125

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