Christmas Gift Ideas

POSTED: 18/11/2021

As we all know, Christmas gifts are hard to think of for others, especially when they have an interest or hobby you don’t know anything about. If you have a family member or a friend that is a motorcyclist and you have no clue where to start, then we have comprised a list of things that most bikers would love to receive on Christmas Day without breaking the bank. Here at 5-Ways, we will be cutting some select item prices in the lead up to Christmas for stocking fillers or a bigger main present.

Things like a new Helmet are an awesome gift idea but come with many many setbacks, if you don’t know the person's Helmet size, or their preferred Make and model, which colour? Which pattern? This lift will consist of smaller items that may be forgotten but are always useful, and leading into some more practical bits of kit, maybe for winter riding and keeping your loved ones warm, or even some garage essentials that they may not have.

Cleaning Supply's

All Motorcyclists have some form of Bike cleaning ritual and are more than likely a preferred brand for cleaning their pride and joy. We stock Motul cleaning products here at 5-Ways and we use it ourselves in the showroom to make all the bikes in the store look their best, it doesn't matter what type of cleaner the biker your buying for uses or what type of bike they have. The ever-popular Motul range will have something in their line-up worthy of their bike.

Motul E2 Moto Wash £9.99 P/N: 105505


Motul E3 Wheel Cleaner £7.99 P/N: 102998

Motul E4 Perfect seat £8.39 P/N: 102999

Motul M1 Helmet and Visor Clean £5.79 P/N 102992

Motul M2 Helmet Interior Clean £6.79 P/N: 105504

All of these cleaning products would probably need an applicant, and lucky we have those too, whether you want a bag of rags or a bizarre noodle sponge, we have those too.

Oxford Noodle Sponge £5.99 P/N: OX252 

Oxford Bag of Rags 500g £6.99 P/N: OX250


Bike Covers

Bikes need sleep too! If your significant other cover their other significant other when they put their beloved bike away they may have different covers for different situations, an indoor cover, and an outdoor cover, maybe a waterproof, weatherproof cover that they've never told you how much it was. Well whatever the case may be, covers used daily, forever being removed and then applied do wear. If you've heard your biker moan that they need another cover! Again! Then we will have something that would tick a box.

Indoor Covers

Oxford Dormer Cover

Small £24.99 P/N: CV401

Medium £29.99 P/N: CV402

Large £34.99 P/N: 34.99

X-Large £39.99 P/N: 39.99

Oxford Protex Stretch Cover (Red, Blue or Black)

Small £44.99 P/N: Black CV170 Red CV174 Blue CV178

Medium £49.99 P/N: Black CV171 Red CV175 Blue CV179

Large £54.99 P/N: Black CV172 Red CV176 Blue CV180

X-Large £59.99 P/N: Black CV173 Red CV177 Blue CV181

Outdoor Covers

Oxford Aquatex Cover

Small £24.99 P/N: CV200

Medium £29.99 P/N: CV202

Large £34.99 P/N: CV204

X-Large £39.99 P/N: CV206

Oxford Rainex Cover

Small £59.99 P/N: CV501

Medium £69.99 P/N: CV502

Large £79.99 P/N: CV503

X-Large £89.99 P/N: CV504

Oxford Stormex Cover 

Small £79.99 P/N: CV330

Medium £89.99 P/N: CV331

Large £99.99 P/N: CV332

X-Large £109.99 P/N: CV333


When it comes to purchasing motorcycle clothing for someone it can be a little tricky, especially if you are not a biker. From the perspective of a non-biker, I'm sure when it's cold and raining and you see a motorcyclist and just think it's lunacy Why do that when they could get a nice warm car, and avoid the rain? And when you realise that you know someone who rides, and they are out in all weather, or even if they ride only in the summer months, every biker has been a little cold, and every biker has been very wet at some point in their time on two wheels.


Ideally, a motorcycle jacket would be warm, waterproof with decent armour and abrasion ratings. We have some offerings here, for those who are new and on a budget, to those who travel a lot on two wheels and see all weathers and all conditions.

RST Pilot £89.99 P/N: 102368 

RST Tractech Evo 4  £149.99 P/N: 102365

RST Pro Series Paragon 6  £199.99 P/N: 102562

Oxford Hinterland Advanced  £299.99 P/N: OXTM194403

Wolf Fortitude  £349.99 P/N: 152641


Gloves are a classic buy for motorcyclists, maybe a new pair every year. The Majority will spend a lot of their pocket money on some expensive pair of summer gloves that they love wearing, and then hate riding in the cold because they have to put their nice gloves away and wear the really old pair of winter gloves they've had forever. Warm gloves are an unappreciated bit of kit, but always useful to have a good pair ready and in wait.

RST Axiom  £29.99 P/N: 102685

RST Axis  £59.99 P/N: 102710


Wolf Fortitude  £79.99 P/N: 152741

RST Pro Series Paragon 6 Heated  £189.99 P/N: 102720


Basically, no one like their feet to be wet when they shouldn't be, cold when they shouldn't be, and it's awful walking in something uncomfortable. All motorcyclists have had some experience with all three, possibly all at the same time. In this day and age even basic boots can be comfortable and waterproof, however fresh out of the box, as we all know leather is not the easiest to place on foot, but once worn in, they can be so comfortable, your slippers at home seem a little off. The following are a list of a few select boots that keep the waterproof and warm mindset for the colder months.

RST Axiom  £79.99 P/N: 102749

RST Paragon II  £119.99 P/N: 102568

RST Tractech EVO III Sport Waterproof £139.99 P/N: 102102  (Short Version Available)

RST Raid  £159.99 P/N: 102342