Yamaha Announce New XSR900 for 2022

POSTED: 02/11/2021



A design that prioritises the rider

These designs not only speak to Yamaha’s origins but are also part of the heritage that the company has an obligation to pass on. It is not about prioritising design or performance – it is prioritising the rider. With the XSR900, the Deltabox-style frame’s head pipe position is lowered and the swingarm is lengthened to improve the straight-line stability – while the overall stiffness of the top triple clamp, swingarm pivot fastening bolts and engine mounts are optimised. A pure roadster platform that will respond to casual-or-more spirited riding. Together with the historically inspired riding position – sitting almost above the rear wheel – it creates a fun ride that arouses the senses. The torquey feel of the more powerful 889cc CP3engine and the direct connection with the throttle is part of the bike’s charm. The new tuned exhaust sound underlines the unique and exciting character of this flagship Sport Heritage bike. By using Yamaha’s latest technologies, the engineers have focused on ensuring that the rider can experience active control of the bike and that the XSR900 is responding instantly and intuitively to the individual way that every motorcyclist rides the bike.

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