The All New Suzuki GSX-S1000GT

POSTED: 22/09/2021

Suzuki has today revealed its new GSX-S1000GT, a new Sports Tourer, designed to take riders further, faster, without sacrificing comfort and practicality. The new GT provides all-day riding ability in a package designed to cover distances effortlessly, from its chassis and riding position design to its comprehensive suite of electronics, new smartphone connectivity, its wind-cheating bodywork to the character and smoothness of its superbike derived engine. The GT has it all: Performance, Distance and Connection. 

Performance. Powered by the inline four-cylinder engine from the latest GSX-S platform, it produces 152PS and 106Nm of torque, spread evenly across the rev range resulting in a smooth power delivery that builds into a strong top-end rush. A comprehensive electronics suite comprises a plethora of performance enhancing systems to boost the GT’s abilities even further, including a bi-directional quickshifter, traction control, and selectable power modes.

Distance. A comfortable, upright riding position means the GSX-S1000GT can cover long distances with ease, while a plush pillion seat and optional hard luggage make two-up touring a breeze. A tall screen and wind-cheating bodywork reduce rider fatigue. Electronic cruise control as standard helps the GT make easy work of motorways and long multi-day rides too.

Connection. Like never before, the GSX-S1000GT comes with a 6.5” colour TFT dash with smartphone connectivity. This is all controlled quickly and easily using compact, easy to use switches on the left-hand switch gear. The rider’s smartphone connects to this new dash via the free Suzuki mySPIN app.

The luxury extends to the three available colour options: Metallic Triton Blue, representing  Suzuki’s brand identity, as used on Suzuki’s championship winning MotoGP machines, Metallic Reflective Blue, a dark blue with a luxurious gloss finish, and Glass Sparkle Black, a combination of glossy and flat black.

The Suzuki GSX-S1000GT will be available from November for reservations, but as of yet no pricing has been reveiled, all we know is that an approximate of the luggage is around £1100. for more Information on the GSX-S1000GT, you can visit the page on the website, or you can always Inquire directly to us here.

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