SHOEI NXR2 New and In Store

POSTED: 03/09/2021

The New ECE 22.06 Helmet from SHOEI the NXR2 is now in store and looking amazing under the SHOEI service area lighting. Currently in store for looking at in awe and trying on! 

The new NXR2 is SHOEI's first offering for passing the newly incoming ECE 22.06 helmet standard which is a lot stricter in its testing than the previous ECE 22.05, now taking into consideration the rotation of the head and neck upon impact as well as many other things that may or may not happen when in an accident. With only two Helmet manufacturers meeting this new standard already, those being SHOEI and Arai with the Quantic (we have that in-store too) 

If you are a SHOEI head already you'll find this new SHOEI addition to be light, close-fitting and ticking all of the SHOEI boxes: Emergency Quick Release, Double D Fastening, Facial Contouring, and a fully removable interior for washing and maintenance. Along with a new visor system with a locking mechanism at the front of the visor. 

If you are not a SHOEI owner and have always wondered what the fuss was about, the NXR2 is a perfect helmet for a seasoned rider all the way down to new riders who want the best, so why not try out a SHOEI?

Please enquire online, or come into the store if you would like any more information on the NXR2 or the new ECE 22.06 Regulations. 


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