DVSA helps new riders get the right information

POSTED: 29/04/2021



The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) has launched a new information portal that offers tailored advice to existing and new riders.

Elements of the site are specifically tailored to motorcycles and scooters, and consideration is given to a variety of conditions, situations, manoeuvres and learnings, which are unique to two wheelers.

The website endeavours to provide advice to riders whatever the stage of their journey. Novice riders can practice theory test questions using an advisory tool, which enables users to focus on areas they may not be confident with, or hazard perception clips to increase users’ awareness. The site also offers guidance to riders looking to expand their riding knowledge via advanced rider training and the enhanced rider scheme.

Karen Cole, the Motorcycle Industry Association’s Director of Road Safety and Rider Training said; “The platform offers a selection of resources tailored to PTW users and novices, giving some excellent advice, direction and tools to make the journey on to two wheels as comprehensive, yet simple as possible. The inclusion of post-test training also shows the DVSA shares the MCIA’s view that once a test is passed it should not signify the end of learning or training.”

Source: www.mcia.co.uk

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