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Fri, 02 Mar 2018

Z900RS custom paint design

So the very favourite Z900RS custom paint design as voted for by the public, was unveiled at the MCN London Show. The chosen design was the Z900RS Akashi, inspired by the original Z1 colours of the early 1970’s and the Akashi Works in Japan which has developed Kawasaki motorcycles for over 50 years. I think you'd agreed it looks a real eyeful !!


Z900RS custom paint design
The Z900RS Akashi is most definitely a ‘One-Off’ and will not be replicated again by KMUK. The winning customer will also receive:
 -Sketch book containing original designs and production photos
 -Signed framed photo of the bike by the award winning Surrey Customs
 -Certificate of authenticity
 -Original parts
 -POS Material