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Fri, 21 Jun 2019

Yamaha MT-09. Owner’s Tyre Tips

Yamaha MT-09 – Owner’s Tyre Tips
Article by CambrianTyres • May 14, 2018


Yamaha MT-09 Tyres

In June’s issue of RiDE Magazine, the team focused on Yamaha’s fantastic MT-09 as their top used bike buy, speaking to current owners about the highlights and potential pitfalls of having one in the garage.

They’ve also been recommending some of their favourite tyre options for the bike, which are as follows:

Avon 3D Ultra Sport Tyre Test

Avon 3D Ultra Sport
“The Avons aren’t the stickiest tyres out there, but they are stable, reasonably hard wearing, and currently dirt cheap.”

Avon’s current hypersport tyre uses their unique 3D Sipe Technology, which helps to control tyre flex, while also promoting fast warm up times, even in colder weather.

For something a little more hard wearing, you can currently get the Storm 3D X-M sport touring version for the same sort of price, or upgrade to the Spirit ST if you want the very latest rubber.

View the full 3D Ultra Sport range here.

Michelin Pilot Road 5

Michelin Road 5
“These are very popular with all-weather riders. They warm up quickly, are outstanding in the wet and give reasonable wear, It’s a new tyre but should last around 6000 – 8000 miles from a pair.”

The new Road 5 takes over from the Pilot Road 4 at the top of Michelin’s sport touring range, and sets the benchmark for wet weather performance even higher than it’s predecessor.

View the full Road 5 range here.

Metzeler Roadtec 01 test

Metzeler Roadtec 01
“Pricey but MT owners love them for the same reasons that they love the Michelins – outstanding all-weather performance and great feel. Expect to get around 6000 miles from  a set.”

Looking similar to a race wet, the Roadtec 01 excels in bad weather, and knocked the Pilot Road 4 off the top spot in the wet performance rankings when it arrived on the scene.