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Fri, 05 Jun 2020

Public transport or Personal transport ?

Public transport or Personal transport?  - Learn to ride and break free


Looking for a socially distanced way to travel? Commute on a scooter or motorcycle.

The safest way to commute is in isolation, and the most isolated way of travelling is on two-wheels. Get where you want to go safely and economically.

Now that the Covid 19 lockdown is starting to ease and people are getting back to work, the issue of transport is once again on people’s minds. Will it be safe to travel by bus? Will the train be full of people? Will other commuters’ social distance? Will I get infected?


Did you know that with just 1 days training you can be riding a 50cc or 125cc motorcycle or scooter?


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"Motorcycles are the perfect choice right now. You're isolated, it's quick and cheap and there's no parking issues when you get there!"

Stay socially distant in your own personal safe space - the safer way to travel - make it your 'new normal'.

Motorcycles and scooters are affordable - with the cost of daily ownership starting from less than a cup of coffee!

Incredible fuel economy - there are a number of fuelled and electric options available, price per mile is minimal.

You may need to complete a CBT, a quick process to give you the skills to be confident on two-wheels.

A helmet is compulsory - protective motorcycle jacket, gloves & footwear advisable. Look for the CE approval label.