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Tue, 05 Feb 2019

KATANA Promotional Roadshow Tuesday 26th February

On Tuesday the 26th of February the set to be Iconic new Suzuki Katana will be on display in our Hull showrooms. This is a very rare chance to see the new 2019 model that Suzuki has loaned to us for 1 day only. Store open till 6:30pm.

As an added bonus, we will be offering a Free AGV K1 Helmet with all Suzuki Katana bikes ordered during our open day event. 

The bike will arrive fresh off the transporter on Monday night and will be into the showroom first thing Tuesday morning for customers get up close and personal with. Don't forget it will be here for 1 day only, so don't miss the opportunity to see the bike in the flesh.

More information on the Suzuki Katana can be seen here 

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The original Suzuki GSX1100S KATANA caused a sensation when it launched in
1981. It won the hearts of riders around the world and forever changed street
motorcycle trends. The impact was so great, the KATANA continues to influence
motorcycle designs even today.
Having poured its heart and soul into forging the original KATANA, Suzuki never
lost its passion for the model. The legend of the KATANA lived on within the
company as successive generations of designers and engineers anticipated the
day they might get to work on new version.
Fast forward to the fall of 2017 when the KATANA 3.0 CONCEPT model was
introduced at EICMA in Milan. Designed by famed motorcycle designer Rodolfo
Frascoli and built by Engines Engineering, this new vision of a thoroughly
modern KATANA sparked a fire in the hearts of all.
Listening keenly to the feedback from EICMA and excited about the potential
demonstrated by the KATANA 3.0 CONCEPT, Suzuki felt this was the right time to
introduce a thoroughly modern version of the legendary KATANA. Development
began soon after, with a team of designers and engineers burning the midnight
oil in Hamamatsu until satisfied they had brought together all the elements
necessary to create a new legend with the 2020 KATANA.
Each of the styling features and performance components that distinguish the
KATANA underwent many iterations to achieve the desired level of refinement
and functional beauty. Overall, the development process came to closely
resemble the arduous process of creating the Japanese sword from which the
model’s name is derived.
The KATANA product concept is;
“Forging a New Street Legend”
The KATANA was developed to be a sporty-looking standard street motorcycle that
takes lean, mean retro flair and evolves it to offer thoroughly modern styling and
performance. Built to deliver the exciting ride one would desire in a current 1000cm3
class motorcycle, the KATANA is also designed to provide easy control over that power
and a comfortable riding position.
In paying due tribute to Suzuki’s legendary KATANA while updating both the looks and
level of performance to a leading standard for today’s street scene, the KATANA reflects
Suzuki’s ongoing commitment to fine craftsmanship and its willingness to sweat every
detail to get them right.
Controllability features:
3-mode traction control system
Low RPM Assist
Suzuki Easy Start System
Back-torque limiting clutch
Tubeless Dunlop tires with custom-designed pattern
Antilock Braking System (ABS)
Comfortable upright riding position
Informative full-LCD instrumentation
Major features of the KATANA
Design features:
Sleek, sporty profile with sharp, sweeping lines
Gives the distinctive design of the legendary KATANA a totally modern look
Sharp front end and clean, taut-looking rear end
Distinctive new LED headlight and LED front position lights design
Unique satellite rear fender extending from the swingarm
Red logo decal inherited from the legendary 1980s KATANA
Two-tone seat designed for comfort and good looks
Custom black upswept muffler
Performance features:
High-performance 999cm3 liquid-cooled inline-four engine
Inherited from the GSX-R1000 and custom-tuned for the street
Precision fuel injection system
Advanced engine control management
Suzuki Dual Throttle Valve (SDTV) system
Suzuki Exhaust Tuning (SET) system
Custom 4-2-1 exhaust system
Lightweight, compact and highly rigid aluminum frame
Lightweight, ruggedly braced aluminum swingarm
Fully adjustable Ø43mm KYB inverted front forks
Radial mount 4-piston Brembo front brake calipers
Styling design concept:
“A cut above”
The epitome of fine craftsmanship and pure functional beauty.
Design inspiration for the original 1981 Suzuki KATANA came from the famed Japanese
sword of the same name. It is a fitting motif for two reasons. Firstly, it reflects well the
sharp lines and outstanding performance of the legendary KATANA’s functional beauty.
As importantly, it reflects well Suzuki’s philosophy of uncompromising craftsmanship
and attention to detail.
Japanese swordsmiths devote countless hours to repeatedly forging, hammering,
folding and welding raw steel to achieve the proper level of purity and develop the right
balance in the material before giving shape to the blade. So too, Suzuki devotes
whatever time is necessary to produce and test prototypes as it develops the materials,
components and final design of its motorcycles. The results shine through clearly, even
when it comes to details never actually seen by the user.
The KATANA faithfully inherits the same design motif as well as the spirit for which
it stands.
Sleek, sporty profile with refined lines that convey a sense of speed
Modern appearance that also offers retro appeal*
(*Originating with design cues inherited from the legendary Suzuki KATANA)
Sharp front end with LED headlight and LED front position lights
Clean, taut-looking rear end
Unique and sharp rear fender and license plate holder extending from the swingarm
Attractive two-tone seat designed for comfort
Black upswept muffler
Katana (Japanese sword)
The design motif for the Suzuki KATANA
Kiwami “The height of excellence”
Represents Suzuki’s uncompromising commitment to design excellence
Hagane “Forged perfection”
Represents a commitment to delivering optimum performance and riding fun
Kiru “The decisive cut”
Represents the sharp, cutting-edge style of the Suzuki KATANA
Sharp face with LED headlight and LED front position lights
A new design featuring a vertically stacked LED headlight with a unique rectangular
shape and LED front position lights accentuates the sharp look of the KATANA’s face.
Clean, taut-looking tail section
The rear section benefits from the following design features:
Satellite rear fender extending from the swingarm
The KATANA introduces a small rear fender supported by the swingarm that hugs the
rear tire. Moving it, along with the rear turn signals and license plate holder, to this
position eliminates parts extending from under the seat to give the tail section cleaner
lines and a tougher, lighter new look.
Short, upswept black muffler
The upswept muffler’s short, compact design combines with its black coloring to
further enhance the clean, mean look of the rear section.
Rear combination lights
The new LED rear combination lights feature sharp lines and a unique lighting pattern
that heighten the advanced look of the KATANA’s styling.
The black and gray two-tone seat features a stepped design that maintains the sleek
profile of the KATANA while ensuring a comfortable riding position and positive footing
for the rider. Passenger comfort is also a priority, with the seat strap design ensuring a
good grip.
The 110kW (150PS) inline-four engine that powers the KATANA is directly inherited from
the one that has long earned popularity and a solid reputation on the GSX-R1000.
However, a few minor modifications were implemented to realize even smoother
throttle response and a wider torque band, as well as to optimize the induction roar
and exhaust note.
Engine design - outline
Power is supplied by a four-stroke, liquid-cooled, DOHC, 999cm3 inline-four engine. It is a
street-tuned version of the legendary 2005-2008 GSX-R1000 engine designed to provide
smooth throttle response and immediate, controlled acceleration. The result is exciting
and thoroughly satisfying performance with characteristics that make it easy to control.
The reasons Suzuki chose to use the GSX-R1000 engine (from 2005-2008) are as follows:
Its long stroke design delivers broad low-to-mid range power and torque that is well
suited for street riding.
Its crankshaft/gearbox layout allows the use of a frame design that runs straight from
the steering head to swing-arm pivot. This results in realizing a lighter weight main
frame design.
The 2005-2008 generation GSX-R1000 won a number of racing championships around
the world. The engine has great reputation in the market, it is reliable, and it delivers
plenty of power.
The engine features a long-stroke design with a 73.4mm bore and 59.0mm stroke.
The long-stroke design allows the combustion chamber to be compact. This
makes it possible to regulate the compression ratio while maintaining a flat-top
piston shape. The result is a broad power range delivered smoothly across the
entire rev range.
Bore x Stroke
Compression ratio
Max power
Max torque
73.4mm x 59.0mm
12.2 : 1
Pistons and piston rings
The pistons were engineered using FEM (Finite Element Method) analysis to achieve
optimal rigidity and weight.
The piston and rings weigh 3% less than those of the 2007 GSX-R1000 engine, but
they do not compromise durability in any way.
Cylinder head
Cylinder head Iridium spark plug
The cam profiles are designed to optimize valve timing for power characteristics best
suited to riding on public streets and winding roads.
Iridium spark plugs heighten the spark strength and combustion efficiency over
conventional plugs, thereby contributing to higher power, more linear throttle
response, easier engine start-up, and a more stable idle.
Suzuki Composite Electrochemical Material (SCEM)-plated cylinders integrated into the
upper crankcase reduce friction and improve heat transfer and durability.
Fuel injection
Low RPM Assist
The fuel injection system employs Suzuki’s original SDTV (Suzuki Dual Throttle Valve)
Ø44mm throttle body, (which is the same size as on the current GSX-R1000 engine.)
The secondary throttle valves are controlled by a servo motor for smooth power
delivery and optimum combustion efficiency.
The system uses long-nosed 10-hole fuel injectors on each throttle body. This
improves fuel atomization for better combustion efficiency, while it also reduces fuel
It is equipped with an O2 feedback system that delivers optimum combustion
efficiency in a wide range of riding conditions, and that also reduces emissions to
meet Euro 4 requirements.
The Low RPM Assist system monitors and automatically adjusts engine rpm to help
prevent stalling when starting off or riding slowly. This makes it easier to pull away from a
standstill or maneuver through heavy traffic or crowded parking lots.
Exhaust system
The exhaust system looks clean, delivers an exciting exhaust note, and contributes to
powerful performance.
This 4-into-2-into-1 system includes equalizer pipes between the 1-4 and 2-3
header pipes. It is a design that fine-tunes the exhaust pressure waves, thereby
contributing to stronger low-to-mid range output.
The system has an exhaust chamber after the joint section, which is carefully shaped
to fit under the engine. The exhaust chamber helps minimize the muffler size, giving
the rear section a cleaner, more agile look.
The exhaust system contains a catalyzer for clean emission that complies with EURO 4
emission regulations. (Euro 4 emission regulations)
The Suzuki Exhaust Tuning (SET) system employs a butterfly valve actuated by a
servomotor. The amount of valve opening is determined by engine rpm, throttle
position and gear position. The SET system controls exhaust pressure waves in order
to improve engine combustion at low rpm.
Equalizer pipes
SET valve
SET valve cutaway
Exhaust chamber Catalyzer
Cooling system
The high-efficiency radiator with concave face delivers strong cooling performance. Its
shroud efficiently guides air to the radiator core.
The engine uses a liquid-cooled oil cooler as opposed to the air-cooled type on
the GSX-R1000.
The benefit is lighter weight and a more compact size for a cleaner look. The
compact design also leaves more room for the exhaust pipes.
New throttle control
The geometry for the throttle cables was changed for the KATANA. The geometry of the
new throttle control cause the motorcycle to accelerate less abruptly when the throttle is
first opened. Power still builds quickly as the throttle is twisted further open, but this less
abrupt behavior makes the KATANA more controllable off the line.
Oil cooler
The compact, lightweight chassis is engineered to provide agility, ease of control and a
fun-to-ride character riders will enjoy. It is also aimed to perform best in real world riding
conditions on public roads, in city traffic, on the highway, or on rural and winding roads.
The seat height of 825mm provides comfort and allows riders to plant their feet
on the ground when stopped.
The slim design where the seat meets the fuel tank also helps make it easy for
the rider’s feet to reach the ground.
Comfortable seat and slim bodywork
Frame / Swingarm
The aluminum alloy swingarm comes from the 2016 GSX-R1000.
The highly rigid, ruggedly braced swingarm provides great road holding
performance and superbike looks.
The twin-spar aluminum alloy frame is aimed to provide nimble handling and
great road holding performance.
The frame’s main tubes are designed to run straight from the steering head to
the swingarm pivot. This is ideal for achieving both high rigidity and low weight.
Designed using the latest FEM analysis technology, the frame weighs about the
same as the one on the current GSX-R1000.
Dimensions and Ergonomics
The upright riding position is designed for comfort, ease of control, reduced
fatigue, and maximum visibility.
The 825mm seat height is relatively low for the 1000cm3
The slim design of the seat – fuel tank interface makes it easy for riders to plant
their feet firmly on the ground.
The upright riding position is designed to provide optimum control over the bike
and maximum comfort, even on longer rides.
Seat height
1,460mm (57.5in)
25o/100mm (3.9in)
825mm (32.5in)
Fully adjustable, inverted front forks
The Ø43mm KYB inverted front forks provide 120mm of stroke for a sporty yet
plush ride.
The forks feature fully adjustable damping, rebound, compression and spring pre-load.
Rear suspension
The 63mm stroke of the link-type rear suspension is tuned for a superb progressive
feel and to react efficiently to road surface conditions, delivering an agile and
stable feel.
The rear suspension offers adjustable rebound damping and spring pre-load.
Brembo radial mount monoblock front brake calipers are mated with Ø310mm
floating-mount dual discs to provide powerful braking performance.
Each caliper has four opposing Ø32mm pistons.
The front brake calipers are same type used on the current GSX-R1000.
Antilock Brake System (ABS)* monitors wheel speed 50 times per wheel rotation,
and matches stopping power to available traction.
The ABS control unit, produced by BOSCH, is compact and light, weighing in at
just 640g.
* ABS is not designed to shorten the braking distance. ABS cannot prevent wheel skidding caused
by braking while cornering. Please drive carefully and do not overly rely on ABS.
Brembo radial mount brake calipers and ABS
Brembo mono-block calipers ABS control unit
The 6-spoke cast aluminum wheels manufactured by TPR are light and rigid to
provide nimble, sure handling.
New DUNLOP tubeless radial tires with an inner structure designed exclusively for
the Suzuki KATANA provide firm grip and controllable tracking.
The flat-black aluminum handlebar is tapered to increase rigidity while reducing
weight and vibration.
Wheels and tires
Front tire
Rear tire
Roadsport 2
Roadsport 2
Suzuki’s advanced traction control system lets the rider control the throttle in a wide
variety of road conditions. This makes riding more enjoyable, less stressful, and less tiring.
Note: The traction control system is not a substitute for the rider’s throttle control. It cannot prevent
loss of traction due to excessive speed when the rider enters a turn and / or applies the brakes. Neither
can it prevent the front wheel from losing grip.
The system continuously monitors front and rear wheel speeds, throttle position
sensor, crank position sensor and gear position sensor. It quickly reduces engine
output when wheel spin is detected by effectively adjusting ignition timing and air
delivery. This helps ensure smoother traction control operation so it feels smooth and
natural to the rider.
Suzuki’s Traction control system confirms conditions every 4 milliseconds, and
governs ignition, which allows for extremely quick response to any changes.
3-mode traction control system
Throttle position sensor
Wheel speed sensor
Wheel speed sensor Gear position sensor
Crank position sensor
The rider can freely select any of the system’s three modes, or turn the system off
completely. The modes differ in terms of sensitivity.
- Mode 1 is the lowest sensitivity level, so allows a certain level of rear wheel spin.
It is suitable for sportier riding on road surfaces with good grip.
- Mode 2 is the second lowest sensitivity level. Activating slightly earlier than Mode 1,
it is suitable for most riders and typical road conditions.
- Mode 3 is the highest sensitivity level. Activating earlier than the other two modes,
it is suitable riding in poor conditions.
Traction control switch Traction control mode display
Sensitivity level
Suitable conditions
Sport riding, good road conditions
City riding, regular road conditions
Wet or cold conditions
Suzuki Easy Start System enables the rider to start the engine with just one push of
the starter switch. The 32-bit ECM recognizes the signals and keeps the starter motor
operating for a specified amount of time.
Another benefit of the system is that the rider doesn’t have to pull in the clutch lever
when starting the engine, (provided the bike is set in neutral gear.)
Highly functional and attractive lighting
LED headlight
The highly distinctive light beam of the vertically stacked LED headlight provides clear
illumination and helps make the KATANA clearly visible to pedestrians and other traffic
at night.
LED front position lights and turn signals
The clear white position lights and amber turn signals provide maximum visibility,
durability and overall efficiency.
LED tail light and brake light
The distinctive design of these lights creates a sharp look, while the red LED lighting
scheme maximizes visibility, durability and overall efficiency.
LED rear turn signals
Mounted on the unique satellite rear fender that extends from the swingarm, these
bright LED lights are highly visible and durable.
Suzuki Easy Start System
32-bit ECM Starter switch
Multi-function instrument cluster
The full LCD brightness-adjustable instrument cluster packs a wide range of useful
information into a relatively compact form factor. It is also designed to make the
readouts from its multiple functions easy to recognize. The look is one of high
quality that helps instill pride of ownership.
LCD readouts include:
The panel features a custom display with graphics exclusive to the KATANA and white
lettering on a black background.
LED indicators flanking the display include those for the turn signals, high beam,
neutral, malfunction, ABS, traction control system, coolant temperature and oil
pressure. They are designed for easy recognition.
The bar-type tachometer features a “peak-hold” function, which shows peak
rpm when rpm drops. So rider can recognize the peak rpm of the last moment
when downshifting.
*All lights and indicators are illuminated in the photo for illustrative purposes.
- Speedometer
- Tachometer
- Odometer
- Dual trip meter
- Lap time
- Gear position
- Water temperature
- Driving range
- Average fuel consumption
- Instant fuel consumption
- Traction control mode
- Fuel gauge
- Clock
- Battery voltage
Personalize your ride
Grip heater / Pure carbon accessories / Fuel cap protection sticker
Side protection sticker / Tank pad / Body decals / Rim decal
A lineup of custom accessories allows each rider to customize their KATANA to best
express their personal tastes.
Note: SUZUKI MOTOR CORPORATION reserves the right to add any improvement to change the
design or to discontinue any Suzuki Genuine Accessories at any time without notice. Some Suzuki
Genuine Accessories might not be compatible with local standards or statutory requirements.
Please check with your local AUTHORIZED SUZUKI DEALER for details at the time of ordering.
Meter visor (smoke) Colored seat
Carbon clutch cover / Carbon crankshaft case cover Colored Brembo calipers (red) / Axle sliders
Metallic Mystic Silver (YMD)
Overall Length
Overall width
Overall height
Ground clearance
Seat height
Curb mass
Engine type
Bore x stroke
Engine displacement
Compression ratio
Fuel system
Starter system
Lubrication system
Rake / trail
Ignition system
Fuel tank capacity
2,125 mm (83.7 in)
830 mm (32.7 in)
1,110 mm (43.7 in)
1,460 mm (57.5 in)
140 mm (5.5 in)
825 mm (32.5 in)
215kg (474.0 lbs)
Four-stroke, liquid-cooled, DOHC, in-line four
73.4 mm x 59.0 mm (2.9 in x 2.3 in)
999 cm3 (61.0 cu. in)
12.2 : 1
Fuel injection
6-speed constant mesh
Inverted telescopic, coil spring, oil damped
Link type, coil spring, oil damped
25° / 100mm (3.9 in)
Disc brake, twin
Disc brake
120/70ZR17M/C (58W), tubeless
190/50ZR17M/C (73W), tubeless
Electronic ignition (transistorized)
12.0 L (3.2 / 2.6 US / Imp gal)