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Tue, 07 Jan 2020

Free Helmet cleaning service & check over

Why not make an appointment to bring your helmet in for a FREE clean and check over. Get in touch to let us know your popping the helmet in and and we will carry out the following FREE of charge.

  • Exterior Clean
  • Interior Clean
  • Visor Clean
  • Visor adjusment check
  • Pinlock Re-fitment. If you don't have one, we can supply one and we will fit it for free if you have the required pins on your visor.
  • Vent function check, clean out.
  • Date stamp check - Do you know what year your helmet was made ?

We will also look to see if the cheek pads, skull cap and liners are held in securely and not degrading, plus we can have a good look for any damage you might have missed from knock or impacts.

We are sure your helmet will benefit from some "good ol' elbow grease" and a spruse up on the inside leaving it fresh and clean and ready for the season to come.

Yamaha Clean Project


To book an appointment, please call Chris on 01482 358602 or click here 


Please Note - We are not in a position to comment on the actual safety of the helmet as we are unable to test the level of preotection it has nor are we able to advise if the structural intergrity of the shell has been compromised. This is a visual inspection only and no testing will be carried out.