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5-Ways Motorcycle Centre want you to enjoy the whole experience of motorcycling and for you to ride safely. Following extensive research Ideal Motorcycle Training, a local Hull company, were selected as our approved training providers.

Don't worry about being a beginner, motorcycling is fun, and Ideal Motorcycle Training's team of highly qualified, professional instructors are fully committed to building your confidence and getting you on the road quickly and safely their friendly and enthusiastic training ensures you have a successful and enjoyable experience.

Where do you start? You will need a UK/EU licence with either Cat. P for moped or A for motorcycle (Just Photo Card Licence), old style licences require photo ID in the form of a valid passport, then (even if you have never ridden before) the first step is CBT (Compulsory Basic Training).


5-Ways Motorcycle Centre and Ideal Training have always had a great relationship, but now with the addition of 2 new Kawasaki ER6N's, Ideal really have ensured anyone taking training courses with them benefits from learning on superb machinery. The learner or seasoned biker out to sharpen their skills can now benefit from the best riding experience now available.


The morning starts with a short period in the classroom, where you will be given an introduction to the CBT, discuss clothing requirements and equipment, and cover topics including legalities of riding a bike on the public highway.

As the morning progresses you are given an introduction to the controls of your motorcycle or scooter and  you will be shown the daily and weekly checks you need to carry out on your bike. Later in the day you will then be taken to IDEAL's private maneuvering area located at Adelaide Primary School on Walker Street. Throughout this section of the course, which includes practicing putting the machine off and on its stand, set off and stopping procedures, gear changing and even slow control using marker cones, you will be closely supervised to ensure you are safe. Towards the end of this session you will practice emergency stops and U turns and also the correct procedures for making left and right turns. The private amneuvering session is followed by a short lunch break.

The afternoon starts with more classroom instruction, where they cover the road procedure including how to approach other road hazards such as traffic lights and roundabouts etc., the highway code, adverse weather conditions etc. Then having completed the course successfully up to this point you will be briefed for the road ride. During the road ride you will be under constant supervision with an IDEAL instructor communicating directly with you via your helmet radio receiver. Together you will ride for approximately 2 hours, practicing ‘real time' all you have learnt during the course. Lastly, a CBT (DL196) certificate is issued. This will validate your license for 2 years. This certificate will also be required if later on you take your full test.


Ideal are members of the GET ON scheme and are happy to offer the novice rider a FREE taster session.


Ideal offers Direct Access (DAS) Training for riders aged 24 years and over. There are also two restricted licences one for those aged 17 and over taken on 125cc motorcycles (A1) and one for those aged 19 and over taken on 500cc motorcycles (A2).

Progressive Access courses are also available for those riders who have held a full A2 licence for 2 years conducted on our larger full power (72Bhp) Kawasaki ER6 650cc motorcycles. 

To obtain a full category A, A1 or A2 motorcycle licence, you must undergo training, successfully complete a Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) course, pass the motorcycle theory test and pass the two practical tests.
Module 1 test - an off-road test conducted by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) on a Multi Purpose Test Centre (MPTC). This test lasts approximately 12 minutes and tests both slow speed and high speed machine control and handling skills. Ideal’s Training Course will prepare you fully for Module 1 and includes practicing at the MPTC before taking your Module 1 test.
Module 2 test - a 35-minute on-road test conducted by the DVSA to assesses your ability to ride in traffic Ideal’s Training Course provides on-road training and mock tests to prepare you fully for the Module 2 test.

Most test courses are conducted intensively but can also be spread out to utilise your free time and depending on your riding/driving experience can be as little as 1.5 days.


Passing your test is just the beginning of your motorcycle skills development, many new riders benefit from taking a rider development course such as ERS, training to higher levels and learning real world riding skills benefiting financially too as insurance discounts are available to ERS holders, so remember to ask about the discount when checking out insurance quotes.

Further training can be arranged directly with IDEAL Motorcycle Training. This can be on one of their machines or if you already have purchased a bike, on your own. This training, conducted at your own pace, is designed to improve your all round riding technique, skill and ability. Our aim is to improve your riding to a high standard well in excess of the test standards.

These insurance companies and brokers currently offer cheaper insurance to RPMT trainers and their ERS customers:

  • AA Insurance
  • Bennett's Insurance
  • Bikesure
  • Carole Nash
  • Chandler Direct
  • CIA Insurance
  • Devitt
  • E Bike
  • MCE Insurance
  • Motorcycle Direct
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  • AIG
  • AXA
  • Chaucer Insurance
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  • Link/Zenith
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IDEAL Motorcycle Training

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