What is HP Finance?

Black Horse Hire Purchase could help you buy the motorcycle you want while spreading the cost. Agree an initial deposit with the dealer and your agreement term and monthly repayment amount, then the dealer will submit the finance application to us and subject to your application being approved, you can just ride it away - after you've made all the repayments including the interest, the motorcycle's all yours.

Sound good?

Hire Purchase finance information

Is Hire Purchase finance right for you?

We think that Hire Purchase finance is right for you if you want to own your motorcycle outright, after a term of fixed, regular payments. In Hire Purchase, you have no protection against depreciation as a result of an unexpected fall in the value of the motorcycle, unlike PCP. Again, you do not own the motorcycle until all the repayments including interest have been made.

If you're not looking to instantly upgrade after your payment terms are up, Hire purchase may be right for you.

Want to have a chat about it?

Our team are on hand to help, we understand that it can be confusing on the surface. If you're wanting a human conversation to get to grips with the ins and outs of HP financing, don't hesitate to get in touch, either in-store, on the phone or online. We're happy to help.

Click here to contact us via our website, you can call on Tel: 01482 35 55 35 or click here to find our store.