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Ultimateaddons Tough IPX5 Waterproof Mount Case for the Samsung Galaxy S7 5.1" for protecting your phone while using it outdoors. 
Designed with the Ultimateaddons® 3 prong connection system and a new integrated kick stand on the back allowing users to mount to a wide range of vehicles. 
The interior of the case has a customised rubber waterproof insert with cut outs for most major phone functions. Please note that this case will NOT fit the S7 Edge Model.
Samsung Galaxy S7 large and vibrant screen makes it ideal for Satellite Navigation both on and off road, take advantage of this with this Tough Case to give your phone the ultimate protection. This case has been designed with the Ultimateaddons® 3 prong connection system on the back to allow quick and easy mounting to a wide range of vehicles & surfaces. Ultimateaddons® offer a wide range of 3 prong mounting attachments which will allow you to mount your Samsung Galaxy S7 smartphone onto your bicycle, golf trolley, motorcycle, scooter or around your home and much more, please visit our attachment section for more information
This case has a waterproof rating of IPX5. Care should be taken to ensure that the seal around case is free from obstruction and case is locked properly - please follow instructions provided. 
This product should not be submerged in water, it has been designed to help protect your Samsung Galaxy S7 5.1" from weather conditions.
To give this case more functionality we have added a discreet integrated kick stand to the back of the case, allowing users to sit and browse the internet or check emails in landscape mode without having to remove the Samsung Galaxy S7 from it's case. 
Please ensure the kick stand is locked sequely when mounitng
The case locks with 2 strong easy accessible clips and 3 new pressure clips giving the case a water-tight seal around the Samsung Galaxy S7 5.1" and is supplied with a lanyard. 
The touch screen is still usable and access to the volume and power buttons is available without removing the phone from its case.
The base of the case comes with rubber caps to cover and protect the phones earphone and charge port, protecting them from dust and dirt when not in use. A new and improved design ensures that the caps are secure and will not fall off.
The charge port is accessible, however due to the reduced size of the case and connection port you may need to use Ultimateaddons® specific cables designed specifically to fit this case to enable us to keep the case a compact size, a regular micro USB cable may not fit.