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Scottoiler Scottoiler FS365 FST502 care pack
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Scottoiler Care pack


1x Scottoiler FS365 1l Anti-corrosion protection

1x Scottoiler FST52 1l

Scotoiler FS365 info;

Water based corrosion inhibitor.

The water content carries it to all the hard to reach places on the bike.

The water content evaporates leaving a film of protection on all surfaces.

Formulated using mild alkalis and PH buffers that work to balance out the acidic elements.

Continued use makes cleaning the bike easier and builds up a layer of protection.

Scottoiler FST52 info:
FST 52 is an environmentally friendly, bio-degradable cleaning solution. Originally this product was developed for a high precision manufacturing application which required a powerful cleaner and degreaser which was also safe to use on a variety of materials.

The result is FST 52 - an excellent cleaner that will remove even tough grease, whilst still being safe to use on plastics, paintowork, alloys, and o-rings.  It’s an ideal product for cleaning up your chain before fitting a Scottoiler chain lubrication system.

Scottoiler FST 52 is a concentrated formula so a little goes a long way.

After cleaning with FST 52 make sure you protect your bike with a good coating of FS 365 Corrosion Protector