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Nationwide Support from UK police forces
Installing TRACKER Vantage onto your motorcycle means you have nationwide support from every UK police force - considerably improving the chances of recovery

European coverage
You're covered if your motorcycle is stolen and taken anywhere in Europe

Secure Operating Centre available 24hrs, 7 days a week
Our control room is always on hand to help you in the event of theft

Thatcham Category S7 Accredited
TRACKER Vantage is Thatcham approved, meeting the standard needed to prevent crime and possibly helping to lower insurance premium


Bike Down
In the case of an accident, your TRACKER Vantage device will automatically alert any emergency contacts set up in your app

Set a Geofence
Select 'Protect My Vehicle' to create a Geofence of 200 meters around your motorcycle - if the motorcycle is moved from this set perimeter, you'll be automatically alerted via email

Report a Theft
Using the TRACKER app, all you need to do to get in contact is click 'Call TRACKER'

System Heath Check
Easily monitor the health status of your TRACKER Vantage system and relax knowing you'll never be caught unaware

All your travels are tracked and documented within the TRACKER Vantage app, so you can share the routes you've taken and even review detailed information, such as distance and time.

Find my Vehicle
When your mind goes blank and you can't remember where you parked, the TRACKER Touch app will navigate you back to your motorcycle, getting you on your way as soon as possible

Crime Area Stats
Use the TRACKER Touch app and discover vehicle crime ratings based on where you live and where you've parked your motorcycle

Easy, three step set-up:
Purchase TRACKER VANTAGE from an authorised Oxford stockist
Dealer installs TRACKER Vantage Unit
Purchase and activate your subscription:
1-year £130
2-year £229
3-year £299