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Diagnoses, recovers, charges, tests and optimally maintains, automatically. OptiMate 3+ retains all the fully automatic, 100% safe, easy-to-use characteristics, of the 1,5 million OptiMates produced since 1995, but adds a stylish new weatherproof enclosure with built-in mounting lugs, and new easy-to-read LED information panel. Forgot your battery throughout the winter? OptiMate 3+ will recover it from deep discharge and optimally recharge it. Then it will check that the charge delivered is the best possible before then checking how well the battery can retain the charge. And tell you its status, at a glance. Of course, it will then maintain your battery at full charge safely for months at a time. And prolong its life by up to 400%. Reducing waste, for a better environment.

How it works
1. Safety check: OptiMate 3+ must be connected to a battery (retaining minimum 2V) to activate its output.
2. Desulphation and recovery: if due to sulphation the battery's resistance is abnormally high, a voltage of up to 20V is automatically applied to overcome this so as to recover very fl at or neglected batteries until they are able to accept the normal charge program.
3. Bulk charge: a constant current of 0,6A effi ciently brings the battery close to full charge.
4. Charge verifi cation: as soon as the rising resistance causes the charge voltage to reach 14,3V, the voltage is limited at 13,6V for 30 minutes while the circuit monitors the actual voltage and the current absorbed by the battery. If within 30 minutes the automatic circuit judges that the achieved charge is less than optimal, the program reverts to bulk charge and the process repeats.
5. Charge retention test: when the monitored parameters confi rm that an optimal charge has been achieved, the fi rst check for battery (and connected system) power leakage commences. Depending on the voltage retained during 30 minutes, an "OK" (green LED) or "not OK" (red LED test result is displayed. These 30 minute test periods repeat hourly until the OptiMate 3+ is disconnected, so that the battery status indication is continually updated.
6. Charge maintenance: during alternate 30 minute periods, at a fl oat limit of 13,6V the battery is offered charge current (up to the maximum) it needs to sustain it against any small connected loads or power leakage and against natural self-discharge. OptiMate 3+ can stay connected to the battery indefi nitely, the battery will stay cool and safe. And optimally charged. Of course.