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The theory behind, and the benefits of fitting forged alloy wheels:

* The laws of physics dictate that the heavier an object is, the more energy is required to move it and also that when a heavy object is travelling, it will require massive effort to stop it, creating greater friction.


* When talking about motorcycles, and particularly about wheels, weight saving can have a dramatic effect on performance. Fitting lighter wheels will result in better acceleration, better braking and less gyroscopic effect meaning the bike will handle better and ‘turn in' quicker.


* Original equipment wheels are manufactured from cast aluminium, a process that involves molten metal being poured into a mould and then cooled and left to solidify.


* Quality aftermarket wheels are made from forged alloy. The forging process involves a hot metal ‘'blank'' being forced into a shaped mould under massive pressure from a press. This ensures that the ‘'natural grain'' flows and the strength of the metal is increased as the forging process increases metallic density under heat and high pressure.


* As forged alloy is much stronger than cast alloy, it follows that when manufacturing wheels, much less material can be used in a forged version for the equivalent strength of the cast, whilst still resulting in a lighter and stronger wheel.