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Bike-Seal Bike Seal Puncture Prevention System 500ML
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Supplied and fitted from only £40 (scooters) ....Motorcycles £50.
We have genuinely never seen a product this good !
-One treatment costs no-more than the full cost of one tyre repair.

-Prevents upto 95% of all tread punctures. 

-Stops most rim and bead leaks and slow punctures permanently
-Protects tyres for the legal life of the tyre
-Mechanical process NOT a chemical reaction
-The mechanical process forms a plug within 2-3 tyre rotations
-It acts so fast most riders would be unaware of a puncture
-Objects causing punctures can be removed later, and bike ridden initiating a new permanent seal
-Suitable for both tubeless and tubed tyres
-No speed restrictions
-On road and off road.
-No shelf-life, so can be re-used

-35°C freezing point

-Can easily be removed with water
-Suitable for cars, vans, caravans, trailers and 4x4 vehicles
-TPMS compatible